Frizzy hair: how to take care of it?

Unable to perm, too much volume, too dry… Frizzy hair is often difficult to style. However, with appropriate care, they reveal all their beauty. Here are some of tips to apply in everyday life:

  • The hair needs to be gently washed with a shampoo and fed intensively. You will complete with a rich nourishing conditioner made with jojoba or shea. Massage the hair  and rinse with warm water before finishing with a jet cold of water. This will facilitates the desintangling and makes the hair look shiny.

Home recipes:

  • Apply olive oil on your hair and wrap it in a warm towel for half and hour before shampooing.
  • Mix sweet almond oil, cream, and melted honey in equal proportion. put on your haire for half and hour, then proceed to rinse.
  • Blend or grate 1/2 of avocado and 1/2 of banana, add egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all well, then apply to hair by massaging the scalp well. Cover with plastic cap and let satnd of 3/4  of hour or 1 hour. this will help retructure the hair.






Mac foundation

Hey, guys!

Well, this is by far my favorite  foundation by Mac cosmetics!

It is a full cover, and if you are really looking for something that can stay for a whole day, then you should definitely try this.

The pictures bellow are basically my everyday makeup. It hides all my dark spots by just applying a tiny bit on my face and I am  good to go!

The bottle might look  small, but I have been using this for a month now and still have more left.

it is a MUST TRY!!!!

everyday makeup 2everyday makeup